The Lycée Schorge de Koudougou has very high ambitions. We want the most talented and ambitious girls and boys to fulfill their dreams. We want our school to be cool but quiet, even humble. We do not ever allow conventions to stand in our way. It is not enough to become the best school in Koudougou or even Burkina Faso. We want all and every girl and boy to succeed, to graduate, to be prepared, to make change. We want community. It is not enough for teachers to teach, for students to study. We are on a mission together as a team to fulfill all and every dream. We want a magic school. This place is magic. There is a spell. We cannot stop to work, to teach, to study and to help each other until we have surpassed our wildest dreams. Teachers, students, you have to feel it, to belong to our magic school. The Lycée Schorge de Koudougou is a gift, an opportunity, a responsibility.
Schorge is our dream!



Schorge was a talented boy. Nobody could keep up with him in math. He was very cool. But quiet, sometimes even shy. He was ambitious. But in an unconventional way. He loved basketball, a real team player. He coached the youth. Schorge had dreams. He went searching for them in America, tried out everything, nothing could stop him. Schorge died too young. Let us make Schorge proud of his and our school.


Scholarships for the best students. A maximum of 40 students in each class.


Regular visits by international guests and a special focus on learning english. We encourage strong individuals, foster a caring community and build international connections.


Modern education

Free internet and an accessible library for every student. We have 42 kindles, 50 computers and 1000 books.


Real life skills

We teach public speaking, encourage critical thinking and build confidence in our students.




Everybody takes responsibility in order to create a better future for our students. We act as if it were our own money invested. Everybody takes good care of our school and all our equipment. Everybody contributes with creative ideas is allowed to start initiatives. We actively transfer responsibility to the teachers, the secretary and the students. We quickly build trust rather than control everybody.

Freedom of Speech

We encourage differing opinions from teachers, students, everybody. We set aside traditional hierarchy. We respect each other for what we do rather than for who we are. We always expect everybody to openly communicate his disagreement even with a “superior”. We are all on a first name basis: board, director, teachers and secretary. It is completely natural for all students to express their own mind to teachers. Everybody is allowed to talk to everybody (except to outsiders) about everything without asking anybody for permission.


We communicate openly all decisions and change to everybody. We talk about our success and our achievements. But we talk even more openly and quickly about our challenges and failures. We build experience from our mistakes, we build trust by not hiding anything.

Leading Edge

We have the courage to go our own way. We take risks and are willing to accept failure. We use our brain rather than follow what everybody else does. If in doubt we do it differently rather than how it always has been done. We actively question every process and every behavior in order to find a better solution. We stay flexible in our mind and change our course at any point of time if necessary.


We value every woman and man the same way. We are always professional and respect everybody’s privacy (even if we are on a first name basis). We reply to each other within hours rather than days. We present ourselves in a humble way.

One Team

We support each other and integrate everybody into the team. Together we enjoy working and feel excitement about our achievements. We create a big family atmosphere. We are proud to be part of the Lycée Schorge and the Stern Stewart Institute.